Golden Sword of Dragonwalk is a Twistaplot gamebook by the prolific R. L. Stine. It was published in 1983, nine years before Stine’s Goosebumps series began.

I speed through the first few choices, skim reading and this is the end of my pathway:

“In a few days, Grandma Carmen’s once quiet neighborhood is overrun by evil. Dragons roam the sidewalks, chewing up the hedges and swallowing pedestrians whole. Sorcerers change babies into toads…” (18)

Well yes, only children and rather silly adults enjoy such nonsense. Being rather silly myself, I restart. On page 5, I find a Morton’s Fork with one choice sending me directly to page 8 and the other having me read page 11 before sending me to the same page 8. I then have to choose which order I will fight the big dragon, middle dragon and little dragon. Six paths to choose from. Here are my choices and their results in the order I choose them.

  1. middle, big, little – I’m DEAD but it seems to give a clue to fight the big one first.
  2. big, middle, little – I’m DEAD but the wizard says never fight the big one first. Sigh.
  3. little, big, middle – I kill the little one. I kill the big one. Then…

“… the look in the dragon’s eyes is not one of anger, but of grief. With its two companions gone, the middle dragon has lost all its fight. It offers no resistance as you plunge the Golden Sword through its heart.” (29)

Considering this is a book for kids, Mr. Stine got away with murder.