I step into the shower, turn the hot water all the way on, open the cold ever so slightly and move the knob incrementally back and forth with little success. The ideal temperature is frustratingly elusive. But I keep pursuing, turning one knob left and right and the other right and left until I hear my beloved in the kitchen, imagine the smell of chorizo cooking with eggs and feel gratitude wash over me as I’m no longer turning and the water is just right.

Off to Livengood’s to buy 5 bails of haygrazer. I make the purchase inside then drive to the trailer to load. The employees are usually friendly but today even more so. I start to feel as though I’m on a float in the Chisholm Trail Roundup parade, waving from elbow and smiling with eyes. I finally look down, wondering if someone slipped a CTR Queen sash around my torso. But no, just my grandfather’s old pearl snaps and worn out Vans.

Then downtown to pick up Jana Horn’s LP at Bluebonnet Records. The employee behind the counter is kind enough to play Jana’s album while I browse. He seems genuinely interested in what I have to say about music even though he’s the professional musician, not me. It’s a nice feeling.